Often the issue with the septic system is it being out of sight and often out of mind; keeping your present system healthy is, however, considerable cheaper than having to replace it. Having the professionals at Tri-County Septic out yearly for an assessment and every 3 to 5 years for a tank pumping means you have the advantage of catching any problems early on, rather than a literal ‘oh crap’ moment when signs of failure of the system are too obvious to ignore. At the point a septic problem becomes obvious, is also the point it gets expensive. A septic tank is a living filter that separates scum, solids and pretreats wastewater before it flows out into the drain-field for final purification.


Signs of septic tank failure include:

  • Lush, bright, green grass.
  • Soggy areas in the vicinity of your tank.
  • The smell of raw sewage.

Cost of excavating your property for a septic system will run into the thousands. This does not include the permits and the inspection fees, nor the surveyors needed to find another place to put the septic tank and the drain field on your property. Remember also that septic systems must be far away from waterways and private wells. If the present locate works well, seeking ways to preserve it if possible, makes sense. Preserving or replacing a septic system is literally many different moving parts that must come together for your family to have a functioning waste system. On average, a well-maintained septic system can last 20 to 30 years.

septic repairs

There are many different choices today for materials used for replacement tanks, concrete, fiberglass, polyurethane, etc. These different materials last for differing years of use and can reduce the costs of replacements. Again, professionals can help with the right choice for your family.


One of the several moving parts of your septic system is the alarm light and the alarm. Over time without regular maintenance, wires may corrode, leaving your alarm light merrily blinking green, while the alarm itself is rendered inactive. All parts of a septic system will need replacement over the lifetime of a septic system. Having the professionals at Tri-County Septic out to do regular maintenance as well as pump outs of the tank every three to five years means your septic system will have a long lifespan.

Actions to take for extending the life of your septic system:


              • Flush chemicals, solids, and oils down pipes.
              • Drive or park over the tank.
              • Use septic tank additives.
              • Have tree roots to grow into septic field.
              • Plant a garden in the septic field.


              • Plant trees far away from the septic field.
              • Plant only grass on top of the drain field.
              • Keep roof drains, sump pumps, and other rain water drainage systems away from your drain field area.

A caveat about your homeowner’s insurance is that lack of septic maintenance on your part means your homeowner insurance will not cover the replacement cost.

Just because you can do something legally in New Jersey, does not mean it ought to be done. Due to the hazardous and deadly nature of a septic system with noxious and deadly fumes, it is strongly recommended that you allow the professionals who do this for a living install the septic system rather that attempting this yourself.