Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair Surface. Terra lift.

The clean way to repair a septic field

Terralift does not use any chemicals and does not produce any pollution. It is the cleanest, safest way to repair your leach field and save money! Contact us today to get more information on this process.

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Save time and money by choosing Terralift

Avoid the high cost and time consuming chore of having a brand new system tank installed. By using the Terralift, Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair can repair and rejuvenate your leach field. This allows you to extend the life of your system and avoid the installation of a new system.

Receive the benefits of Terralift

 •  Unclogs septic system without digging up

    the lawn

 •  Faster, cleaner and easier than current


 •  More cost effective

 •  No chemicals or pollution

Repair your leach field

When you start to notice that your septic tank is not performing properly and sewage is starting to back up, your leach field may need to be repaired. Using the Terralift allows us to rejuvenate the soil without digging up your lawn.

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