Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair Installing a septic tank. Crane lowering septic tank into ground.

Prepare your land for a new system

Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair will complete all excavation services, while installing your new septic tank system.

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Affordable prices on a new septic tank system

Get a brand new tank installed at an affordable price. Whether you need to replace an outdated tank or build a new property, we can make sure you get the best system for your land. We will make sure your tank is properly designed and installed by our team. The owner has over 30 years of experience installing and repairing septic tank systems.

Install a brand new septic system

 •  New tank installation

 •  Pipe replacement and installation

 •  Tank location

 •  Tank design

 •  Sewer pump

Receive an efficient septic tank

Tri County Septic will work with your engineer to choose the best location for your septic tank and system, and ensure that it is properly installed.