Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair Draining a septic tank. Septic tank on an excavated land.

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On-site septic system inspection

Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair uses hydraulic testing to determine whether the septic system is absorbing water properly. We run 50 gallons of water per bedroom in an occupied dwelling to determine the status of the system.


An inspection report is provided, and any system problem found will be documented. We follow up by contacting the local health department and checking to see if there are any previous records for the septic system.

Complete septic system inspections

 •  Complete Inspection of Septic System

 •  Open Pit Inspection

 •  Video Inspection

 •  Pump Tank Inspection

 •  Seepage Pit Inspection

Inspect all pipes to find possible problems

Our team uses video inspection tools to get a look at all the pipes leading to and from the septic tank. The camera allows us to locate any cracks or damages that would otherwise be difficult to find. You will be able to prevent expensive future repairs.

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