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Fast and effective septic solutions

Absorption field rejuvenation is an easy and fast solution that can save you time and money. You can avoid purchasing a new system and make your current system last for years. Contact us today to learn more about this process.

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Solve your septic system problems

When your absorption field stops working properly, sewage may start backing up into your house or onto your lawn. Rejuvenating your leach field will stop sewage from clogging up the system. The rejuvenation machine uses a long, narrow probe and an integral pneumatic hammer to penetrate soil to depths of 3 to 12 feet. It will force air into the soil, creating a network of cracks and fissures which breaks up the biomatt that has formed in the absorption area and loosens compacted soil in the leach field.

Enjoy the benefits of absorption field rejuvenation

 •  Relieves sewage compaction

 •  Relieves sewage saturation

 •  Improper sewage drainage

 •  No chemicals

 •  No pollution

Restore your absorption field and add years to your septic system

Septic absorption field rejuvenation services are completed in 1 day and will extend the life of your septic system. This is a relatively inexpensive solution to a clogged absorption field.