Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair Backhoe excavating a land. Excavating a ground.

Update your septic tank system

Contact us today about getting a brand new septic tank system. We will take care of all the steps from excavation to installation.

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Prepare your property for a new septic tank system

If you are having a brand new system installed, your lawn will need to be excavated for proper installation. Tri County Septic Inspection & Repair can provide you with the necessary excavation services. We will make sure your property is prepared for the new system.


If repairs are needed on your current system, we will also perform any necessary excavation the repairs require.

Complete septic system services

 •  Site evaluation

 •  Site excavation

 •  New tank installation

 •  Existing tank repairs

Avoid additional contractors

We provide both excavation and installation services so you don't have to hire more than one company! This reduces your costs and any possible confusion.